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Educatelink is an online educational blog/niche website related to science, management, health, physics, biology, mathematics, history, technology, etc.

What do we provide and why to choose us: 

·         We have a collection of notes, notices, syllabus, results and old questions from various colleges and universities freely.

·         The link to the awesome videos will help you to learn the subject matter better.

·         The user can directly view the pdf on the website before downloading it and simply read there.

·         The lab sheets and scanned notes, updated syllabus and the notice of results and events is available online.

·         The communication between the users inside the website to solve a certain problem can be easily solved.

·         Along with the notes, we have designed online courses most of which are free of cost and you can learn that online.

·         We provide quality articles and blogs related to subjects, sectors, scopes and other informative resources about online earning, technology, latest science updates, etc.

Note: We don’t provide all the materials and resources by ourselves. Some contents may be collected from other sources. If any copyrighted contents or mistakes are found then you can contact us and claim educatelink22@gmail.com without any hesitation. We don’t take the total guarantee of contents published in this site is correct since it may be collected from external sources. 

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